I love travelling and have so far managed to visit almost every country in Europe, and I think I’ve travelled through Europe at one time or another every single month of the year. So I’ve travelled when it has been so hot I thought I might faint, and trudged through freezing snow as well. Being Australian, but living...
I came across an interesting story about a New Zealand man on a recent Hong Kong Airlines flight. The 6 foot, 6 inch (1.98 metres) man, whose name is, would you believe it, Richard Mountain, was travelling on flight HX27 from Hong Kong to Auckland, which was operated by an Airbus A330-200. The Otago Daily Times is reporting that...
Many airports offer VIP services for those who are willing to pay a pretty penny. For example, The Private Suite at LAX is probably the most exclusive such facility in the US. They have a separate lounge that’s not part of any of the terminals, and then you’re driven to the plane in a private car. But it’s...
As part of my four month trip, yesterday I flew from Berlin, Germany to the Canary Islands of Spain. This is my 11th time to Spain, so I wanted to go somewhere a bit different for a beach location. And it is… different here! Berlin has two airports – Tegel, which is the main airport, closer to the...
On many international flights, before landing, the crew will walk through the cabin offering landing cards to anyone who needs to complete them. These are a slip of paper where passengers enter their details such as name, passport number, origin, reason for trip and customs declarations. Those passengers will then hand the landing card to the immigration officer...
If you’ve even flown either domestically within mainland China, or between China and Hong Kong (in either direction) you’ve probably experienced delays. Chinese airspace is so crowded, and I understand certain airlines are given priority in terms of take off and landing slots, and that delays are the norm, not the exception. Of the 100 busiest airports in...
Saudi Arabia was supposed to start issuing tourist visas as of April 1, 2018, in an attempt to boost their non-religious tourism. However, for whatever reason there have been delays in implementing this, and more than six months later they’re still not issuing tourist visas. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an interesting workaround to get a visa...
Yesterday I wrote about my recent experience flying Delta, and contrasted it to a recent experience in American economy. On that post, reader AJ left the following comment: wait…you fly economy? lol I guess, I Just assumed you always flew biz or “better”. how often do you fly in the back with us? do you have a cutoff...


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