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The World of Hyatt program has had an emphasis on wellbeing since it launched early last year. This comes in many different forms (for example, The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers 2x points on spend at fitness clubs and gym memberships, which is a unique bonus category).

In August 2017 Hyatt acquired Exhale Spa, and today Hyatt has announced that Exhale Spa is being fully integrated into the World of Hyatt program, allowing members the ability to earn and redeem points for fitness classes and spa treatments, and enjoy additional elite benefits at participating Exhale locations.

Earning World of Hyatt points with Exhale

World of Hyatt members will have access to all kinds of bonus points earning opportunities at participating Exhale locations:

  • World of Hyatt members earn 10 base points per eligible dollar spent at participating Exhale locations (that’s twice the rate at which you earn points for hotel stays)
  • Those with The World of Hyatt Credit Card will earn four points per eligible dollar spent on their card at participating Exhale locations
  • World of Hyatt members will receive their standard bonus points on eligible Exhale spend (10% Discoverist, 20% Explorist, 30% Globalist)

That’s some impressive points earning. For example, if you’re a Globalist member with The World of Hyatt Credit Card, you’re earning 17 points per dollar spent. I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, so to me that’s like a return of over 25%.

Redeeming World of Hyatt points with Exhale

World of Hyatt members will have the ability to redeem points for fitness classes or select spa treatments at the following rates:

  • Members can redeem 2,000 World of Hyatt points for fitness classes
  • Members can redeem 12,000 World of Hyatt points for a 60 minute massage or a 60 minute facial

World of Hyatt elite perks with Exhale

In addition to being able to earn and redeem points with Exhale, World of Hyatt members also have access to additional benefits:

  • Globalist members receive free access to individual Exhale classes when staying at Hyatt hotels on an Eligible Rate, Free Night Award, Room Upgrade Award, or a Points + Cash Award
  • Both Globalist and Explorist members receive one free Week of Wellbeing (unlimited fitness classes and retail/spa discounts at a participating Exhale location)

What Exhale locations are participating?

The following Exhale locations will be participating in this new World of Hyatt partnership:

  • Exhale Atlanta
  • Exhale Atlantic City
  • Exhale Back Bay
  • Exhale Bal Harbour
  • Exhale Battery Wharf
  • Exhale Bridgehampton
  • Exhale Central Park South
  • Exhale Chicago
  • Exhale Dallas
  • Exhale Downtown Miami
  • Exhale Gramercy
  • Exhale Flatiron
  • Exhale Meatpacking
  • Exhale Santa Monica
  • Exhale South Beach
  • Exhale Stamford
  • Exhale Turks & Caicos
  • Exhale Upper East Side
  • Exhale 45P (private location)
  • Exhale Manhattan House (private location)

What I make of Exhale’s integration into World of Hyatt

I don’t think I’ve ever been to an Exhale Spa, though I have to hand it to Hyatt for creating something that’s pretty compelling. As a Globalist member with The World of Hyatt Credit Card I’d earn 17 points per dollar, which I value at a return of over 25%.

How’s the value of redeeming points for Exhale services, though?

  • A fitness class costs 2,000 points, which I value at $30
  • A massage or facial costs 12,000 points, which I value at $180

It looks like the most expensive Exhale massage anywhere is $155 for 60 minutes. So personally I wouldn’t consider redeeming 12,000 points for that to be a great deal, and that’s not even factoring in the points you’re forgoing by redeeming points rather than paying cash.

There are some cases where a facial could be a good deal compared to the retail cost. For example, a “Power Facial” costs $245, and is bookable for 12,000 points.

Then for fitness classes, it looks like they cost $37 each, or if you buy them in a pack of 20, that brings down the cost to $29 each. So by comparison I’d say redeeming points for these is a slightly better value.

Bottom line

I have to give World of Hyatt credit for the degree to which they’re integrating Exhale into the World of Hyatt program. It’s impressive to see a hotel loyalty program offer actually compelling earning and redemption rates, as well as elite benefits, at a wellness brand.

If you’re a fan of Exhale but just found them to be a bit too pricey, maybe earning 17 points per dollar can help ease the pain. Meanwhile on the redemption front, the redemption values range from not great to pretty good.

Of course for some people it’s not just about getting the most bang for their back. But there are plenty of road warriors who are constantly staying at hotels, and they may not even want to use points for yet another hotel stay. So being able to redeem points for fitness classes or spa treatments is great.

Furthermore, having access to free fitness classes as a Globalist when staying at Hyatt hotels is a solid benefit as well.

Lastly, one thing I find interesting is that it seems like Exhale Spa is targeted primarily (or almost exclusively?) at women. I only point this out because I wasn’t too familiar with Exhale before doing some research, but after going through every page on their website and pictures from classes on their Facebook page, it seems to me like 99% of Exhale customers are female. So while I’m sure men are more than welcome, it looks like in general Exhale has a slightly different demographic than Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle, etc.

What do you make of the new World of Hyatt and Exhale partnership?

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